Jackson Friedman, D.O.

Jackson Friedman, D.O. is a physician board-certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, specializing in Osteopathic Manual Medicine for adults, infants, and children. His approach is based on traditional osteopathy, and his medical training and experience . He works with the least intrusive approaches that may yield the most meaningful results.

• • •

Diagnosis is based on your history and physical exam. Each treatment is geared toward the current needs of the patient ascertained by listening to the body. Knowledgeably directed touch sensitively applied to elicit innate healing and restore well being may be the first treatment sought, or an adjuvant to other approaches.

Whether your goal is to enhance athletic, cognitive, or creative ability, balance mood, modulate immune function, improve digestion, or reduce pain, manual medicine can often offer a pleasant, practical solution with a low side effect profile.