“Jackson Friedman embodies the highest ideals of the medical profession: true dedication to and pleasure in his chosen work; an unwavering focus on the well-being and safety of his patients and a deep deep generosity of spirit. Loving kindness, compassion and insight compose his healing tools. I am full of gratitude to be working with him."

Hope Millholland

"This man is unbelievable! He understands the body totally— bone structure, muscles, everything! I cannot tell you what he does but I know that a visit to him is an extraordinary experience. I'm used to quite a lot of pain. Dr. Friedman reduces the pain and makes the swelling of my feet disappear. After a visit I am a newborn person. I strongly recommend a visit to him even though I don't know exactly what he does.”

Hans Gregorius

“Dr. Friedman got me to understand my body and how its various parts should work together. He jump-started the recalcitrant ones and gently coaxed them to obey my wishes. I am feeling more alive, I'm breathing deeply and I am without an aching back. More than golden hands!”

Ellen Carnie
Retired School Teacher

“Dr. Friedman is not only a brilliant physician, but he is also a great
teacher who empowers and teaches his patients how to take charge of their own well being. His work is very profound. He has helped me to overcome my pain and discomfort. It has been a great pleasure for me to be under his care. ”

Sarnell Ogus
Master Alexander Teacher,
Feldenkrais Practitioner,
Gelstalt Therapist

“Jackson embodies a rare ability to commune with the vital forces and energies that balance what occurs inside the body. His cognizant hands have wonderful sensitivity in that he can sense through touch what is going on in the body/mind. He combines western medical knowledge with deep spiritual insight. A truly rare man who understands healing from the perspective of eastern as well as western know how. ”

Dorothy Friedman

"Dr. Friedman is well-versed in a variety of gentle, effective techniques. He's a skilled practitioner with a healing presence. I recommend him highly to anyone seeking balance, alignment, and overall well-being."

Gwyneth Cravens

“There are many doctors and healers who work on an energetic level, but there are very few doctors who heal energetically. Dr. Jackson Friedman is one of the rare ones. I am very grateful for his technical skills but also for his great intuition, empathy and creativity. Because appointments with him are an hour long, not 15 minutes or half an hour, the process of acquaintance and interaction is entirely different from the internist’s visit where the doctor looks at the chart and the test results rather than at you the patient. Dr. Friedman sets such a great example; I have learned so much from him on many levels A session with him is quite miraculous.”

Ann Barzola

“Several years ago my young son was referred to Dr. Friedman. At the session I watched him work on my son. I was intrigued by Dr. Friedman’s gentle repetitive movements and how instant the results were. So I brought my other son, my husband and myself to Dr. Friedman. I had severe pain and limited movement in my neck from a herniated disc. We all experienced immediate improvement. I feel that Dr. Friedman not only practices the science of medicine but also the art—which is rare these days. I’m also impressed that Dr. Friedman continues to enrich his professional knowledge by taking courses. I have searched for a long time for the right doctor for my family and by finding Dr. Friedman we are very blessed."

Adrienne Collins
Montauk, NY

“My son, Matt, who was diagnosed with a mild form of dystonia last fall, was being treated with physical therapy but we were frustrated that he was not making more progress. Dystonia causes muscles to contract and the flare up had left the heel of his right foot frozen, with no flexibility. It was altering his walking style and placing pressure on his knee. He was also experiencing spasms in his right hand. His pediatrician suggested trying osteopathy and we were referred to Dr. Friedman. We have been amazed at how helpful these treatments have been and how much better both his foot and his hand are. So much so, that Matt was able to return to rowing—which is his sport—for the end of the season. Not only have the treatments helped Matt enormously, but Dr. Friedman’s kind and gentle manner have made every visit a pleasure. An added bonus has been that we are able to be reimbursed by our insurance company for each visit. We feel very lucky that Dr. Friedman is treating Matt and it is well worth the hour drive to his office from our home.”

Barbara Floyd
Westhampton Beach

“'Tell me what you think of Jackson Friedman,' I asked my friend who earlier had suggested I see her “outstanding osteopath in Montauk” who might help me with my limp. I hadn't known I had a limp. But I did see him because I’d become aware that over several years my left leg was weakening and I’d fallen when I shouldn’t have a few months before. He had so gently massaged my legs and body at my first appointment that I wasn’t prepared several days later to feel my sense of balance improve, and find I could do a yoga exercise that I couldn’t do a week earlier. I also felt strangely relaxed, calm and yet exhilarated, but also puzzled by these reactions. So I phoned to question my friend who after a pause said, "People say he is a healer. But he would deny that and say our bodies heal themselves and that what he does is help." In the months since as my leg has been growing stronger and my balance better I’ve come to experience another level of treatment that is hard to explain in words and I am a writer by profession. Somehow Jackson Friedman works not only stimulating muscles and nerves but during his treatment crosses into one’s subconscious to ease issues there. This in turn somehow connects your thinking mind and physical well-being with guidance and control from your subconscious. Besides the physical improvement my treatments have brought, they also envelop me with a sense of safety. I agree with what people say about Jackson Friedman.”

Jerry Pluenneke